General Training Subs Squad Fee if selected England Netball Fee
U8 Juniors £110 N/A £9.30
U9 Juniors £110 N/A £9.30
U10 Juniors £110 N/A £9.30
U11 Juniors £110 N/A £9.30
U12 Juniors £110 £60 £12.55
U13 Juniors £110 £60 £12.55
U14 Juniors £110 £60 £12.55
U15/U16 Juniors £110 £60 £20.30
Adults U17/U18 £150 N/A £20.30
Adults U19 and above £150 N/A £40.00
Walking Netball £110 N/A £40.00

Membership payments and Terms & Conditions

Please note:

Sibling Discount: 15% off the younger sibling's subscription
U15/U16 Juniors who are selected to play in the Adult squad will be asked to pay an additional £60 for training.
U15/U16 Juniors who are not selected for squad, have the option to be part of the Recreational Matchplay group for an additional £40.
Family Discount:  Where an adult & daughter are players there is a 15% discount for the junior subscription. 

Match fees
£5 match fees are charged for junior & adult games, to pay for league fees, court costs and umpires and are paid in cash on the day of the match. 

Terms and Conditions

A member who leaves in the first two weeks of the season, can be refunded their subscription.

Any member who leaves in the first term, after the first two weeks, is liable for 50% of their subscription. 

Any member who leaves in the second term, is liable for the whole year's subscription. 

If a member is injured for a significant amount of time, then terms should be discussed with the Committee.  Any queries regarding subs, please contact the Treasurer, Jane Davies: 07901 820148 or treasurer@ashteadallstars.comCopyright 2013. Ashtead All Stars Netball Club. All rights reserved. 


1. Please confirm with your Year Group Admin as to whether or not you would like to re-join.

2. Subscriptions should be paid to Ashtead All Stars Netball Club, Sort Code 60-12-36 Account Number 33111642

with SURNAME OF CHILD and upcoming YEAR GROUP as a reference  e.g BLOGGS U13


3. Inform your Administrator when you have paid and the date you paid.

4. In due course we will be sending out instructions on how to pay your England Netball Membership fee. You will have July and August to do this.

This MUST be done before your daughter can play in September.

Any queries regarding subs, please contact the Treasurer, Jane Davies: 07901 820148 or

We hope you will re-new your membership and we look forward to seeing you again in September.

Subscriptions for 2019/20 Season

AAS subs for next season are due by 15th June 2019.


Subscription structure

In previous years the Club Subscription included an England Netball Membership Fee which the Club paid on your behalf. From the 2019/20, new England Netball rules dictate that each player should pay their own England Netball Membership Fee directly to England Netball. The AAS subscription fees have been adjusted to reflect this change and our rising costs, particularly court costs.

Further details regarding this separate affiliation will be sent out.

The 2019/20 subscription bands are as follows: