Squad : Wednesday Arrival time: 8.15 - 8.25 pm Training  : 8.25 - 9.45 pm @Downsend (outside courts)

​Coach: Natalie Marchant

Admin: Jo Pickup

Skills & Matchplay : Wednesday Arrival time: 8.15 - 8.25 pm Training  : 8.25 - 9.30 pm @Downsend (outside courts)
Coach: Jane Arnett

In September 2015, we added an adult league to the Ashtead All Stars Netball Club. The teams are made up of adult players, as well as some U16’s from the junior club. The senior section was originally set up with the aim of providing the younger players with an opportunity to develop their skills further and continue playing for the club post-16. The teams have enjoyed far greater success than we ever imagined, since we were established, with the A and B teams winning three out of their four divisions last season. We play competitively in both the Kingston District Netball League and Surrey Netball League. 

This season we have three teams in the Kingston league (Divisions 6, 9 and 11) and three teams in the Surrey League (Divisions 3, 6 & 8). 

In the 2018/19 season we came 1st in Divisions 6 and 8 of the Surrey League and 1st in Division 8, 2nd in Division 10 and 4th in Division 12 of the Kingston League

Adult Netball