Opt-in Guidance

The below information has been gathered from the England Netball guidance.

​We are excited to move to the next stage of England Netball's roadmap for the return of community netball. While there are changes to the format of the game and more generally how we will conduct activities, the essence will remain the same. Please be assured that the safety and wellbeing of all our club members and Ashtead All Stars (AAS) community remains the club’s top priority.

As part of the requirements set out by England Netball, AAS will be operating on an opt in basis for all players, coaches, and other participants in AAS activities. It is important that you, or those you are responsible for are aware of the guidance in this document and submit the form below to confirm this. Attendance at any AAS sessions is based on agreement to the protocols that the club communicates.

​All members and participants should be aware:

1. Of the risks associated with netball activity related to Covid-19. These can be found on our website  here.  An explanatory video has also been produced by England Netball that can be viewed here.
2. Who is at higher risks of Covid-19. This information can be found in the Personal Risk Assessment document  here
3. That there is no pressure from anyone at AAS to return to training or matches if they are uncomfortable with the risks.
4. That when individuals feel comfortable in returning, they will be welcomed back and, in the meantime, they remain a member of the AAS family.

​All members are encouraged to speak to their health care provider to seek guidance on returning if they are in a higher risk category or have concerns. The AAS Club Chair, Covid-19 Officer, and/or Safeguarding Officer can also be contacted with more general questions around the club’s approach or measures.

Opt-in Confirmation Form

All club members (or responsible parent / caregiver of such individuals) that are participating in Ashtead All Stars activities, regardless of role, are required to confirm that they are aware of the guidance and information provided by completing the below form.

COVID-19 Guidance & Opt-in