Development and Qualifications


If parents or girls would like to get qualified as a coach or an umpire, we will support them as far as possible but we do ask for some voluntary work in return.

 Coaching Qualifications

If a player or parent would like to take a coaching qualification, the club can help the individual to get 50% funding from Surrey Netball, and the club will pay for a further 25% of fees.  The individual has to pay the final 25%.
However, the club expects the individual to come along and help for a season, to show a level of commitment to the club, and to gain experience, BEFORE booking onto a coaching course.
Although the club pays qualified coaches, this is only if there is a vacancy available and only if the club feels that the individual is competent enough.  Knowing how to coach does not necessarily mean you can manage a group of 28 rowdy girls!
Also, not all coaching at the club is paid, and girls/parents are expected to do an amount of voluntary coaching to support the club.

Umpiring Qualifications
We want to encourage as many girls and parents as possible to learn how to umpire.
The club will re-imburse umpiring course costs once girls/parents have done 10 hours of umpiring practice. 
The club is happy to pay qualified umpires at weekend fixtures, but girls are also expected to do an amount of voluntary umpiring to support the club.

Development Officer

We have a Club Development Officer, Helen Sheffield, so please contact Helen if you have any questions concerning courses and qualifications.  Helen’s contact details can be found on the Contacts section of the website.