Membership payments and Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A member who leaves in the first two weeks of the season, can be refunded their subscription.

Any member who leaves in the first term, after the first two weeks, is liable for 50% of their subscription. 

Any member who leaves in the second term, is liable for the whole year's subscription. 

If a member is injured for a significant amount of time, then terms should be discussed with the Committee.  

Any queries regarding subs, please contact the Treasurer, Jane Davies: 07901 820148 or

Subscriptions for 2024/2025 Season.


The 2024/2025 subscription bands are as follows:

Age Group General Training Subscription Extra Squad Fee for U12-U16 (if selected) Match Fees requested prior to each match for those selected England Netball Membership Fee (paid directly to England Netball)
U8 Minis £140 N/A N/A Approx £10
U9 Minis £140 N/A N/A Approx £10
U10 Juniors £140 N/A £6 Approx £10
U11 Juniors £140 N/A £6 Approx £10
U12 Juniors £140 £75 £6 Approx £13
U13 Juniors £140 £75 £6 Approx £13
U14 Juniors £140 £75 £6 Approx £13
U15 Juniors* £140 £75 £6 Approx £22
U16 Juniors* £140 £75 £6 Approx £22
Adults U17/U18 £180 N/A £6 Approx £22
Adults U19 and above £180 N/A £6 Approx £43
Walking Netball £140 N/A N/A Approx £43
Matchplay £140 N/A N/A Approx £22/£43
*U15/U16 Juniors who are also playing for Adults, need to pay an additional £75 for their Adult training.
*U15/U16 Juniors who are also playing Matchplay, need to pay an additional £75 for the Matchplay session.